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ŠKODA Academy

ŠKODA AUTO a.s., the Vocational School of Mechanical Engineering is a part of the ŠKODA Academy, which was founded in April 2013 to ensure complex education of students and adult employees.

The ŠKODA Academy is responsible for the personal development of ŠKODA AUTO employees and for the development of their technical and interdisciplinary competences. This is why Academy employees participate in the shaping of personal-development concepts and tools while taking into account the strategy of the VW Group Academy. The ŠKODA Academy is furthermore responsible for the technical education of students and talent development. The goal is to link social and technical competences, transfer of know-how and ensure the preparedness of the student for their practical training.

Our offer

We provide high-quality technical education with focus on future innovative technologies and we develop the competences of sought after experts in fields of mechanical engineering and electronics for ŠKODA AUTO. Our technical education is based on a qualification concept which uses modern education and tutorial methods.

A large part of the education of our final year students takes place in the operational workplaces of ŠKODA AUTO. Here students intensely acquaint themselves with the production, this is one of the most important parts of our technical education. Thanks to progressive and modern forms of education we are able to develop the students’ competences, which are necessary for their long-term employment and competitiveness on the labour market.

All successful graduates are offered a job at ŠKODA AUTO.

Renovation of the vocational school

On 11. November 2014, following the conclusion of the first renovation phase, the ŠKODA Academy ceremoniously opened the modernised ground floor of the school building. The pupils can now enjoy new changing rooms, which are lighter and more modern than before. The technical facilities, air-conditioning, mains and social facilities have also undergone reconstruction. The entire renovated area was 3.000 m2 large. Another testimony to how much ŠKODA AUTO invests into technical equipment, is the Mechatronics Laboratory. The first students of this perspective field will have the opportunity to study here in September 2015. In the course of 4 years they will acquire information from various fields which are becoming more and more linked with the world of IT.

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Education costs are paid by ŠKODA AUTO.
Education Costs Education costs i.e. tuition, teaching aids, textbooks (besides language textbooks, machine-construction tables, manuals for car mechanics and electronics engineers), work clothes and shoes are paid by ŠKODA AUTO.
In the theoretical lessons, students study general education subjects and technical subjects in accordance with the valid curriculum and education plans.
Theoretical Lessons The theoretical lessons take place either in the school’s classrooms, which are equipped with modern furniture and audio-visual technology, or in special technical laboratories – information and communication technology classes (computer labs), the measuring laboratory, laboratory with an interactive board, laboratory for automobile technology, labs for teaching electrotechnology, electronics and car electronics.

Of course we also have language classrooms where we teach English and German as well as a technical physics classroom. All technical laboratories are open to students also outside the normal teaching hours.

More about Theoretical Lessons
The company EUREST provides catering services for the students.
Catering Catering services are provided by EUREST. Diners have a choice of two types of soups, five and more types of main courses, drinks, salads, candy etc.
The aim of the vocational training is for the students to acquire technical knowledge, necessary skills and the right habits, but we also teach our pupils to respect technological discipline, to aim for high-quality production and uphold occupational safety principles and use raw materials and energies in an economical manner.
Vocational Training All knowledge and skills that the students acquire in theoretical lessons and during training of individual practical activities and learning how to apply them in practice are integrated in vocational education.

In higher grades the students are assigned to operational working places of ŠKODA AUTO, where they broaden their knowledge and practices gained up till now and adapt to the conditions at these working places.

More about Vocational Education
ŠKODA AUTO pays its students a monthly remuneration spanning between 200 - 1.400 CZK.
Remuneration for Students ŠKODA AUTO pays its students a monthly remuneration spanning between 200 - 1.400 CZK.

Students in the final grades, who are undergoing vocational training and doing productive work in ŠKODA AUTO in accordance with the study plans, receive a remuneration between 1.200 – 5.000 CZK.

The specific amount of the remuneration differs for the individual grades and is determined based on an evaluation of the study results, the student’s behaviour and his presence in the theoretical lessons and vocational training.
In their free time, the students can go to the sports stadium, use the fitness centre, sauna, gym, boatyard and the multifunctional field in front of the school building.
Free-time activities In their free time, the students can go to the sports stadium, use the fitness centre, sauna, gym, boatyard and the multifunctional field in front of the school building.

The school provides a variety of sports clubs under the guidance of our experienced teachers (bodybuilding, swimming, canoeing, sport games, bowling, football, cycling MTB, ping-pong, target shooting, basketball, volleyball).

For those interested in cultural events, we provide season tickets to the City Theatre in Mladá Boleslav. All these free-time activities are provided free of charge.