Practical courses

Practical courses take place as a part of a subject titled Technical Training. The aim of this training is for the students to acquire technical knowledge, necessary skills and correct habits, the students are also led to technological discipline, to high-quality production and to upholding principles of safety at work and efficient use of raw materials and power.

This subject integrates all the knowledge and skills acquired by the students in theoretical training by practising individual practical activities and learning how to apply them in practice.

Students in higher grades are put to work in workplaces on the shop floor of the ŠKODA AUTO company, where they improve their acquired skills and habits and they adjust to the conditions on the shop floor.
Lessons take place in workplaces equipped with modern technological equipment. Groups of maximally 12 students participate in Technical Training lessons in the workshops. With a smaller number of students the teacher can offer a more induvial approach and therefore the lessons have a stronger educational effect.

Students work on conventional machines and machine tools with numerical control, they use measuring devices, tools, instruments and equipment of the highest technological level (for welding, diagnostics of malfunctions in cars, various panels for teaching how to work with electronic and car electronics, laboratory for pneumatics, etc.)

As the state of technology is constantly developing, we are constantly modernising individual workplaces and replacing machines and equipment.


Practical lessons take place in accordance with valid regulations and as per timetable. Technical training regularly alternates with theoretical lessons. Study specialisations concluded by a secondary school-leaving exam have a higher share of theoretical lessons (3-4 days/week). Those specialisations concluded by a vocational certificate have approximately the same share of theoretical and practical lessons. Students with this specialisation complete one week of theoretical classes and then one week of technical training. Students in the 1st grade start their practical lessons at 8:00 a.m., students in other grades at 06:00 a.m. Machinery and equipment mechanics (class with sports group) starts at 6:50 a.m. in the 2nd and 3rd grade. In exceptional cases (for operational reasons), the technical training takes place in the afternoon shift from 14:15 till 21:15 p.m.